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About A5 Labs

We are a team of tech entrepreneurs, AI scientists,

online game operators and passionate fans committed to shaping the future of online competitive gaming.

We are a team of tech entrepreneurs, AI scientists, online game operators and passionate fans committed to shaping the future of online competitive gaming.

The Tech Foundation of Online
Competitive Games

The Tech Foundation of Online Competitive Games

The industry of online games is low tech, suffering from game integrity & fairness issues, uneven matchups, and a lack of action.

The key to solving these challenges is knowing the players, quantifying their behaviour and to be transparent to the users about the underlying mechanics. The impact of this is amplified when anonymous identity & data is made available publicly to ensure uniform policy enforcement across operators.


A complete solution requires innovations in data, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Blockchain-based platform components to take action based on insights.


Using click & behavior trackers, large-scale batch data processing, real-time streaming and advanced analytics to gain understanding of player’s identity, risk and value profile.

Device, network, location, personal information (email, phone number, address, bank and credit card information)

Cost of acquisition, contribution to engagement and revenue, CLTV based on revenue contribution, stats-based player classification
VPN, Screen Share, Data Scraper, Helper (HUD, RTA), BOT

Manually established by domain experts: login and session patterns, deposit and withdrawal patterns, browsing and click patterns

ML/AI Driven

Complementing data-driven solutions are advances in Game Theory, AI, and ML that help turn data into actionable insights and enable automated decisions players cannot circumvent at a great cost.
Applying Game Theory, we built solvers to compute Game Theory Optimal strategies, and quantify deviations from these strategies (GTO mistakes). Combining with ML, we developed solutions that do not require domain expertise and little manual involvement.

Predict future revenue contribution based on recency & amount of previous transactions, wins & losses and in-game purchases.

Predict impact on engagement, lifetime of other players and ecosystem health based on measures for fun, action and entertaining gameplay.
Establish indicators of RTA and bots using deviations from GTO baseline; infer other foul play such as collusion based on deviations that result in unexpected gains for other players.
Using latent representation derived from large-scale gameplay data to compute similarity, to infer inconsistent gameplay, and to measure closeness to any sort of risk behaviour.

Based on gameplay and winnings, infer skill level relative to opponents and provide suggestions for players to join games matching their level.


Leveraging the right platform, operators maximize the game integrity impact of their data & AI investments, and users benefit from better rewards.

With an NFT avatar, users enjoy all the benefits of being identifiable while not sacrificing their anonymity. The NFT avatar acts as a key, providing universal single sign-on across gaming sites.

Using the same NFT, users build industry-wide reputation just like a credit score. Knowing their reputation, operators can customise their offerings to gain the most value from new customers.
Build confidence and trust with users and community using blockchain as a verifiable ledger of user behaviors, risk scores and credit scores.

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