Data- and AI-centric
Innovations for Online Competitions
We pioneer data- and AI-centric solutions for the next generation of engaging, secure, and fair online competitions.


Our Story

We love online competitions that require decision-making under high uncertainty. We think it is fun and engaging because just like in crucial real-life situations, it involves a healthy combination of strategic thinking, rational decision making, and chance.  

We realize the long-term health and sustainability of large online competitions and platforms are at risk due to the proliferation of bots, AI-assistance, and unfair matching of players. 

We, a group of AI core scientists, expert gamers, and operators of competitions, joined forces to build the technology foundation and solutions for the next generation of online competitions.

Our Mission

Using data, machine learning, game theory, and innovative design, we pioneer solutions that are engaging, secure, and fair to ensure large-scale online competitions remain fun, healthy, and sustainable.

Our Focus

Our work is mostly confidential,
but here are a few directions we’re
too proud to keep secret:

Game Theory Engine for Rational Decision Making

We research the use of game theory for modeling rational decision making, develop solvers to understand rational / game theory optimal (GTO) decisions and build scalable data and computing infrastructure to obtain GTO solutions for numerous types of competitions and to scale to billions of gameplay decisions.

Deep Learning Foundation for Competition Modeling

Leveraging a large volume of historical gameplays, we apply sequence models and attention mechanisms to pre-train deep representations that can be fine-tuned to create solutions for a wide range of tasks including gameplay inference, player segmentation, and bot & collusion, and AI-assist detection.

Data, Metrics and Predictive Models for Platform Health & Sustainability

We develop the system of metrics for competition platforms to understand and make the right tradeoffs between short-term business success (acquisition cost, engagement, revenue) and long-term platform health (player lifetime value). We employ predictive models to early identify player’s tendencies and preferences, predict their lifetime and provide recommendations for platform providers to ensure a fun & fair experience that maximizes player lifetime value.

Reimagining Online Competitions

Leveraging our research, technologies, and analytical insights, we design and develop data- and AI-centric solutions for online competitions. They form the next generation of competition experience that from the ground up, is designed to be fun, fair, and sustainable.


We’re a team of Silicon Valley tech executives, scientists, data & machine learning engineers, game designers & developers, and more, working together to innovate large-scale online competition platforms.

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